Live Training

We are firm believers in live training for essential building staff and members of tenant provided emergency teams. It doesn’t matter if they are called Emergency Response Teams, Floor Warden Teams, Floor Captain, or Floor Warden. What does matter is that each individual knows what to do under emergency situations, and how his or her knowledge intersects with other members of the emergency team, building staff, and even first responders. Our training seminars are conducted by either one of our three partners, or by a KVCL associate. All our associates have more than thirty years experience with the Chicago Fire Department, and they have all attained the rank of Battalion Chief or higher.


Emergency Drills

Seminars have to be followed up with practice. Staff members have to go through their emergency procedures regularly. Floor Warden Teams update their rosters regularly. New employees on the floor must be informed of what they should do during an emergency. It all comes together during the drill process.  KVCL conducts drills that involve a floor by floor process. Each floor being drilled reports to the nearest exit stair, proceeds down as directed, usually one floor, and waits there for further information. A KVCL staff member on the receiving floor will conduct a brief building specific “mini-seminar” so all occupants are aware of building emergency procedures.


Emergency Plans 

KVCL can provide your building with Emergency Plan documents that are compliant with the requirements of your jurisdiction. Low, mid, and high rise structures each have specific requirements. Our plans are tailored to those specifications. Chicago Fire, Building and High Rise Emergency Preparedness (13-78) codes, NFPA Life Safety Code (101), and International Fire codes are applied as appropriate. Required data for annual distribution to occupants and forms to solicit the names of individuals requiring additional assistance in an emergency are included.



The eight page First Response Command Plan is a brief, graphic, compendium of information that initial responding Battalion Chiefs have come to rely on. This 8 ½” x 11” binder contains information on how many building staff members are on hand at various times of day, their identities and phone contact numbers, important building systems locations and controls. Relevant floor plate diagrams, elevator run and exit stair graphics are displayed on fold our 11’ x 17” sheets. A site plan with surrounding streets and hydrant locations is included. There is also a list of specialized equipment and a list of occupants needing assistance in case of an emergency. This Command Plan concept was created by KVCL Safety after consultation with the Chicago Fire Department. These building specific binders were place in all Category 1 and 2 buildings in the city by the City of Chicago.